Jack n' Jill Children's Hand Sanitiser (29mlx2)

Antibacterial Hand Gel with a child-friendly holder in 5 designs 

Jack n' Jill are well known for their eco and child-friendly products. They've designed this series of antibacterial hand gel pouches to help keep kids safe and their hands clean. 

Each pack contains 2x 29ml antibacterial hand gel with a 62% alcohol content and glycerin for moisturising. There are 5 designs to chose from to make sure your little one loves theirs, and they are easy to attach to backpacks, school bags, keys, etc. 

The hand gel bottle fits snugly in the bright outer sleeve, and can simply be refilled or replaced once empty. 

Please make sure you select the correct design from the menu. Due to the high demand we cannot reship if you select the wrong design. 

Always read the label. Not recommended for infants. Children under 6 years of age should be supervised when using this product. 

  • £5.49