Benecos Angled Brush

Natural Beauty Angled Brush

Use Benecos Angled Brush to line along eyelashes and fill-in and define sparse eyebrows.

The bristles are 100% synthetic from Toray fibres and will therefore be suitable for vegans. The lime green coloured handle is made from FSC certified birch wood with recyclable aluminium.


How to use Benecos Angled Brush
Dip the angled brush into the liquid eyeliner or an eyeshadow and apply along the lashline. Dip the angled brush into eye shadow and fill in eyebrows using small strokes.

How to look after your Benecos Angled Brush
Wash your angled brush with a natural liquid soap. Squirt a little soap in the palm of your hand, wet the brush and swirl it around in the soap. Once all the bristles are covered in the soap, rinse the soap off in warm water, do not immerse the complete brush in water, just the bristles. When clean and rinsed squeeze out the excess water with a towel and then let the angle brush air dry.

  • £5.95