Benecos Kabuki Brush

Natural Beauty Kabuki Brush

Benecos Kabuki brush is perfect for applying loose mineral powder evenly over your entire face. Gradually build up the powder with the kabuki brush to create a natural flawless looking finish.

The synthetic dense soft bristles are made from toray fibres which makes this product excellent for vegans. The stubby mint green handle is made from FSC certified birch wood and recyclable aluminium.


How to use Benecos Kabuki Brush
Load the kabuki brush with loose or compact powder, tap to remove excess powder and sweep around your face.

How to look after your Benecos Kabuki Brush
Swirl the wet kabuki brush bristles in a little natural liquid hand soap, then rinse with warm water and allow to air dry. Do not immerse the complete kabuki brush in water.

  • £12.95