Cheeky Panda Facial Tissue Box (56 Sheets)

Luxury, sustainable facial tissues made from 100% bamboo

The Cheeky Panda Facial Tissue Cube is full of bamboo goodness: Bamboo is naturally anti-bacteria, anti-fungal and odour resistant. Bamboo grows 30 times faster than trees, producing 30% more oxygen and absorbing 35% more carbon. By purchasing this product you'll help save millions of trees. There are 56 sheets of luxurious facial tissues per cubed box.

  • 100% FSC certified - sustainable and renewable
  • Skin-friendly and naturally soft
  • Naturally anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, hypoallergenic, odour resistant
  • Free from B.P.A, formaldehyde, de-inking chemicals
  • Chlorine bleach free
  • Fragrance free
  • Cube box of 56 tissues


    100% Bamboo
    • £1.79