Coconut Company Aminos- BBQ 150ml

Organic Coconut Aminos – Barbeque Sauce

So what is Coconut Aminos BBQ Sauce? It’s similar in taste to traditional BBQ sauce, but without soy and 100% gluten-free. Unlike regular BBQ sauces, our Coconut Aminos BBQ Sauce is naturally fermented over 6 months and still retains much of the goodness present in the coconut sap. Made using the raw sap of the coconut blossom, CC mix it with a dollop of coconut nectar (and a smidgen of coconut sugar, garlic, coconut vinegar, tarragon and sea salt) and age it until it’s black. This delicate way of fermenting also means that the coconut sap remains raw. 100% natural, soy-free and gluten-free. Leaving only the good stuff from that nutritious coconut sap. 

So what does our Coconut Aminos BBQ Sauce taste like?

A sweet, salty, rich sauce with a tangy kick of coconut vinegar. How cool is that?

How to use Coconut Aminos?

This Coconut Aminos BBQ Sauce is a natural alternative to highly processed BBQ sauces and is soy and gluten-free. Add a dash to sauces, or use as a marinade or glaze with tofu, veggies or protein. Basically pair it with anything where you’d typically use BBQ sauce and you’ll be one happy coconut!

Versatility is what you get with this Coconut Aminos. Want a new best friend in your kitchen? This Organic Coconut Aminos BBQ Sauce is who you’re looking for. Ditch the processed BBQ sauces and try this little number instead.


Organic Coconut Sap, Coconut Nectar, Coconut Sugar, Garlic, Coconut Vinegar, Tarragon and Sea Salt.

Nutritional Info per 100ml

Energy 262kcal
Fat 0g
  of which saturates 0g
  of which sugars
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