English Tea Shop Luxury Tea Collection 36 Sachet

Organic Luxury Gift Tin

A luxurious selection of organic teas specially blended for a superior taste experience. A specially selected assortment for you and your loved ones, boasting deliciously blended flavours from the traditional to the exotic. A Sri Lankan tea story infused with British traditions. From the rich and robust to the delicate and fragrant, every cup of English Tea Shop tea celebrates our vibrant community and heartfelt commitment to sustainability. Your tea loving community.

Tea bags, boxes and outer packaging is fully compostable. Tea bags are staple-free and sachets are recyclable.


English breakfast - Organic black tea (100%). Earl Grey - Organic Ceylon black tea (95%), organic bergamot oil (5%).
Chocolate, Rooibos & Vanilla - Organic rooibos (88.5%), organic cocoa nibs (6%), natural flavourings (5%), organic vanilla pods (0.5%).
Perfect Peppermint - Organic peppermint (70%), organic spearmint (30%).
Green Tea & Pomegranate - Organic green tea (91%), natural flavouring (5%), organic pomegranate (3%), organic rose petals (1%).
Pure White Tea - Organic white tea (100%).

  • £8.99