G&G Organic Psyllium Husk - 100g Powder

G&G's Psyllium Husk supplement provides pure organic psyllium husk powder, nothing else. Psyllium Husk is an excellent source of fibre. As psyllium is soluble, it is able to pass through the digestive system without being completely broken down or absorbed. Instead, it absorbs water and becomes a viscous compound which helps to bulk out stool, but also works adaptively too soften stool in constipation. Psyllium husk may help individuals support a normal bowel movement. 

Organic Vegan non-gmo Plant Based Kosher Gluten Free Lactose Free Soy free Sugar free Excipient Free

G&G Vitamins are manufactured in the UK at G&G's own ISO Class 8 Cleanroom. G&G is a family owned business that focuses on providing the highest quality products using 100% green energy


1g provides:  
Organic psyllium husk 1g
Suitable for vegetarians and vegans
Approved kosher
  • £8.00