Higher Nature Oregano Oil 30 Capsule

Oregano Supplement For Digestive Comfort

  • Supports the health of the digestive tract
  • Naturally contains the actives carvacrol and thymol
  • No pungent oregano odour, taste or warming sensation in the mouth or throat
  • 3 capsules provide 150mg Oregano oil (Oreganum vulgare) (containing a minimum 35% carvacrol, 27.5% thymol)

A member of the Lamiaceae family, oregano is closely related to mint, thyme, marjoram, basil, sage, and lavender and its leaves are used dry or fresh as a culinary herb to flavour vegetables, fish, and tomato based dishes such as pizza and pasta. These Oregano Oil Capsules harness the power of this potent herb to assist the digestive system and support healthy gut flora with naturally occurring carvacrol and thymol. Available in a handy capsule form, these easy to swallow supplements head straight to the intestine and stomach for maximum absorption, leaving no pungent odour or unpleasant aftertaste.


    Three capsules typically provide:

    150mg Oregano oil (Oreganum vulgare) (minimum 35% carvacrol, 27.5% thymol)

    Approx capsule size 18.5 x 7.5mm

    • £6.79