Keto Hana Granola- Cinnamon 300g

Cinnamon Keto Granola

Keto breakfast, sorted - the way it should be. Effortless. 

Start your day with cinnamon, like every day was Christmas. Throw it on some yoghurt, or throw some (nut) milk on top. Keto Hana like it with berries. You could just eat it straight out of the bag. Whatever you do, stop worrying about your macros and get on with the day. 

(1.2g net carbs per serving)


 almonds (19%), coconut (19%), sunflower seeds (19%), pumpkin seeds (19%), hazelnuts (7%), sweetener: erythritol* & steviol glycosides**, coconut oil, cinnamon

* naturally found in fruit
** only the most delicious part of the stevia plant

Nutritional Info per 100g

-please see attached image

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