Lamazuna Oriculi Ear Cleaner- Green

Bioplastic Oriculi made in France!

1 Oriculi = 1 lifetime's worth of cotton buds!

Lamazuna introduces one of its new products for 2020: the Oriculi made in France! You're probably already familiar with our bamboo version, which comes from Japan and China, where almost everyone uses these ear cleaners. But now, after months of development, Lamazuna can finally reveal their new Oriculi made from 100% biosourced bioplastic! This sustainable material is derived from castor oil and 100% renewably sourced. Lamazuna Oriculi will replace your cotton buds (Q-tips/cotton swabs) for life! Plus, unlike these less eco-friendly options, it helps to prevent clogged ears. Use once or twice a week to clean your ears. The spherical finger rest enables you to hold it firmly, while the little "spoon" at the end will remove any visible earwax at the entrance to the ear canal. There's no need to go any further! You can rinse your Oriculi with clean water, or soapy water if necessary, then dry it with a towel. There are five different colours available, so every member of the family (unless it's a very big family!) can have their own colour!



Bioplastic handle

  • £4.50