OrganYc Tampons- Super Plus x16

Organic Cotton Tampons Super Plus

The Organyc organic cotton non-applicator tampon is ideal for women who want to avoid using synthetic materials in their sanitary products. The Organyc tampon is made from 100% pure certified organic cotton with an organic cotton absorbent core. The organic cotton tampons are naturally breathable, hypoallergenic and ideal for women who suffer with sensitive skin. All Organyc cotton tampons are individually wrapped.

Organyc tampons are independently audited to ensure optimum quality and purity. Organyc organic cotton tampons do not contain perfumes, colouring agents or super absorbent polymers, guaranteeing that only 100% certified organic cotton which is free from chemical bleaching and chlorine has been used.

Organyc organic cotton tampons are certified Organic by ICEA, certified Vegan by VEGANOK. Cruelty free.

All of Organyc organic cotton tampons are biodegradable.



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