Steenbergs Black Salt Kala Namak 100g

Black Salt Kala Namak 

Kala Namak is a traditional Indian black salt which can either come from India or Pakistan, which is actually a dark purple-pink in colour (don't ask me?).  We now stock this salt as a coarse format and it is blacker in the coarse salt format, it does go paler pink when it's ground.

Kala Namak has a faintly sulphurous and smokey flavour which disappears during the cooking process.  Unsurprisingly, kala namak is the best salt for use in Indian cuisine, especially North Indian cooking, and is traditionally used in making salt blends like chaat masala and the summer drink, jal jeera.  Probably one of the most frequent uses for kala namk in the UK is for vegans looking for an eggy flavour in dishes such as scrambled tofu.

Alternative names are black salt, kala loon, kala namak and sanchal. It is also particularly used by vegans looking for egg type flavours and smells.

Kala namak is good in traditional Indian cuisine like chaat masala, potato chaat or chaat puri, or why not make Indian squash curry or scrambled tofu or why not try and make vegan poached eggs with it!

Kala namak or Indian black salt is part of Steenbergs range of culinary salts and flavoured salts, which are sourced from Peru through to India via Europe.  These culinary salts cover a range of flavour profiles that complement different styles of cuisine.


Black Salt. 

Nutritional Info per 100g

Energy 0kcal
Fat 0g
  of which saturates 0g
  of which sugars
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