Superfood Bakery Brownie Mix 287g

Organic Joy Makers Brownie Mix

Vegan and gluten-free chocolate brownie baking mix

To be on the safe side, SFB advise always keeping a box of their vegan brownie baking mix in the cupboard, just in case a special occasion happens to spring itself on you. That way, you’ll always have delicious, gooey, celebratory treats to hand which are quick and easy to make.

When SFB say ‘special occasion’ though, what they really mean is, well, anytime you fancy. After all, brownies make any ol’ average day special – whether that be a Monday afternoon when you’re making a to-do list for the week or Friday evening and getting ready for the weekend. SFB bake these slices of deliciousness whenever they want to put a spring in our step – that’s why they named them joy makers!

SFB brownie mix recipe uses only ingredients that are vegan-friendly, gluten-free, dairy-free, organic, and natural, so you can enjoy this satisfying dessert without consuming any nasties like refined sugar or additives. Helping you make healthy, happy, wholesome food is what’s most important to us.


Unrefined cane sugar*, buckwheat flour*, brown rice flour*, tapioca flour*, chocolate drops (cocoa butter*, cocoa mass*, sugar*, rice powder*, sunflower lecithin (emulsifier), natural flavouring), cocoa powder* (7%), ground linseed, gluten-free baking powder (mono calcium phosphate, corn starch, sodium bicarbonate), inulin (2%), salt. * Ingredient from organic agriculture.

Nutritional Info per 100g (Dry Product) 

Energy 368kcal
Fat 7g
  of which saturates 3.3g
  of which sugars
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