The Fruit Tree Mango Fruit Spread 250g

The Fruit Tree Mango Fruit Spread 250g

The Fruit Tree Organic Mango Crush is made with natural organic ingredients. This natural jam crush consists of organic mango, organic apple and is rich in Vitamin C. This natural jam makes the perfect condiment for a healthy dip or as an alternative to mango chutney and is free from artificial additives, colours and preservatives.

Organic Mango pure fruit spread made with 100% fruit and no refined sugar. Made from fruit only, these pure fruit spreads do not contain any pectin nor preservatives nor refined sugar. They taste purely of sun-ripened fruit. Of artisan quality, they are cooked gently in small batches using handpicked, fully ripe, organic fruit from the orchard. Made with double the amount of fruit compared with other jams (more than 100g of premium grade organic fruit is used to make 100g of this fruit spread). Enjoy eating by the spoonful, on hot toast or porridge, with cheese, or added to yogurt and smoothies.


1 organic mango (100%); organic apple and organic apple juice.

Nutritional Info per 100g

Energy 199kcal
Fat 0.2g
  of which saturates
  of which sugars

  • £4.59
  • £4.59