Urtekram Bio 9 Whitening Toothpaste 75ml

Urterkram Bio 9 Whitening Toothpaste

Urtekram's Bio9® Fresh Mint Whitening Toothpaste with Apatite is developed to strengthen tooth enamel in addition to the natural protection in Urtekram toothpaste. Bio9® gives 9 strong benefits: Whitening Effect - Fights Cavities - Fights Plaque - Freshens Breath - Strenghtens Enamel - Restores Microbiome - Controls Tartar - 100 % Natural - No SLS, Preservatives and Fluoride.


Natural crayons, water, glycerin, birch sugar, aloe vera, hydrated silica, willow bark extract, peppermint extract, polysaccharide, liquorice root extract, zinc, citrate, mint oil, menthol, magnolia bark extract, myrrh.

How to use

  • Get a bit on a wet toothbrush
  • Brush your teeth with circular movements
  • Use twice daily

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