Woobamboo Interdental Brush Picks- Small 8pk

Interdental Bamboo Brush Picks - Small Size, 8 Count

For those times when floss just isn’t enough!

A hybrid between a toothbrush and a toothpick, these interdental brush picks get in between your teeth, to get those super hard-to-reach spots. They are reusable, and come with a cap to keep ‘em clean and dry between uses.

WooBamboo Brush Picks are as sustainable as possible! Each interdental handle is made of bamboo – an incredible biodegradable, renewable and sustainably grown resource! Extra durable nylon bristles deliver superior cleaning power. The cap, made of PLA, also allows the brush to dry between uses and keeps bristles clean. The slim handle design allows the user to rotate the brush on insertion, resulting in less pressure being placed on the tip of the brush, resulting in less bending of the wire.

  • £5.99