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Amour Natural- Eucalyptus Essential Oil 10ml

  • £4.29

Eucalyptus Essential Oil, Organic

Eucalyptus globulus

Stimulating, clearing, purifying and regulating. The aroma is refreshing, sharp and camphorous.


Eucalyptus essential oil is high in cineol (70% approx.), which lubricates and soothe sinuses and bronchial passages, supporting cool and clear breathing and a healthy respiratory function.

This essential oil is one of the essential oils in our ‘Breathe Ease’ blend, to help naturally clear breathing.

It also invigorates and soothe muscles before and after physical activity, so is useful as a massage oil.

In skincare, eucalyptus essential oil supports healthy skin and is suitable for those prone to acne and breakouts due to its antimicrobial affects.

It is also naturally antibacterial and antiseptic.




100% pure organic eucalytpus essential oil – nothing else is added.

Disclaimer: Whilst every effort is made to declare allergens, we encourage customers to read the packaging carefully prior to use. If the product contains an allergen on the packaging that has not been declared on the website we will provide a full refund.

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