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Coir My Little Gardener Bundle

  • £12.60

My Little Gardener Bundle

Designed to get your son, daughter, nephews and nieces, and grandchildren to start their gardening journey. This is the little package that is perfect for introducing gardening as your kid’s new favourite activity.


  • 5cm Coir Pots x 10
  • 25mm Coir Coins x 30
  • 10cm Coir Discs x 1

What better way to introduce your children to gardening than with eco-friendly, easy-to-use products. Suitable for ages 3+, this bundle has their smallest coir-based products to start you kids on their gardening journey. Coir ensure that every product is ethically produced and sourced, with no harmful chemicals added, making them perfect safe for gardening with children. These Coir Pots are combined with a natural rubber latex to hold their shape, Coir Discs break down into the ideal growing medium with added water, and the Coir Coins are perfect for sowing seeds.  

Every coir-based product in the bundle is 100% natural and biodegradable.

Disclaimer: Whilst every effort is made to declare allergens, we encourage customers to read the packaging carefully prior to use. If the product contains an allergen on the packaging that has not been declared on the website we will provide a full refund.

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