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Natroceutics Curcumin Complete 30caps

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Key features of Natroceutics 

Curcumin Complete

Rapid Effect – Begins working within 2 hours.

BCM-95™ supported by over 75 published studies and counting.

Delivers over 700% more Bioactive Curcumin into the body.

Extended active life.

Curcumin + ar-Turmerone Oil + Whole Organic Tumeric.

Full spectrum turmeric bioactives and benefits.

About Natroceutics 

Curcumin Complete

        Natroceutics Curcumin Complete offers the clinical and proven therapeutic benefits of the renowned Curcumin Extract BCM-95™ along with a full spectrum Whole Organic Turmeric extract for the total health benefit of both Curcumin and Turmeric.

The benefits of Natroceutics

Curcumin Complete

  • +
    Powerful & Fast Acting
  • +
    Inflammatory Modulator  
  • +
    Chronic Inflammatory Conditions
  • +
    Gut Dysbiosis & Digestive Health
  • +
    Mental & Physical Stress Management
  • +
    Powerful & Fast Acting
  • +
    Inflammatory Modulator
  • +
    Chronic Inflammatory
  • +
    Gut Dysbiosis & Digestive
  • +
    Mental & Physical Stress

How it works

A perfect complement of curcumin and turmeric supplementation that delivers the best of modern science while overcoming the limitations of curcumin absorption.

Further enhanced with the wisdom of nature and turmeric in its complete form. For the first time this unique approach combines market-leading BCM-95™ curcumin with specialised whole organic turmeric extracts that generates the full spectrum of turmeric terpenoids and bioactives. Allowing your body to efficiently deliver high levels of bioactive curcumin and whole turmeric into the blood stream via a convenient single capsule.


Please see product image for details



Please see product image for details

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