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Natroceutics Curcumin Fortified 60caps

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Key features of Natroceutics 

Curcumin Fortified

Rapid Effect – Begins working within 2 hours.

BCM-95™ supported by over 75 published studies and counting.

Delivers over 700% more Bioactive Curcumin into the body.

AKBAMAX™ Boswellia serrata extract, proven 5 times more potent than standard extracts.

Novel ratio of boswellic acids, supported with 7 published studies.

Ginger Extract – 5% Gingerol concentration.

About Natroceutics 

Curcumin Fortified

        A potent combination of BCM-95™ - Curcumin, AKBAMAX™- Boswellia, as well as Ginger extract for advanced inflammatory conditions that require chronic management of both inflammation and pain.

The benefits of Natroceutics

Curcumin Fortified

  • +
    Advanced Chronic Inflammatory Conditions
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    Advanced Chronic
    Inflammatory Conditions

How it works

Specifically developed to provide support for those managing advanced inflammatory conditions.

Curcumin Fortified merges three actives that have been scientifically studied in the areas of inflammation and pain relief. This fusion forms a powerful and uniquely synergistic combination that delivers results quickly and effectively.



Please see product image for details



Please see product image for details

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