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Radek's Chocolate- Organic Lions Mane 67g

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This Organic Lions Mane Chocolate bar is made with ethically sourced cocoa beans grown by farmers respecting human rights, biodiversity and cocoa forestry.

Our chocolate is made in micro batches which are stone ground for three days, blending our specially sourced cacao with coconut sugar, cocoa butter, lucuma, lions mane and vanilla before we temper and finally wrap the bars.

Radek’s Chocolate are proud to have combined forces with Bristol Fungarium to offer this Lions Mane chocolate bar. The team at Bristol Fungarium grow the only native lions mane in England, cloned from an indigenous specimen found just 500m away from their mushroom farm in Somerset. Blending the uplifting effects of our ethically-sourced cacao with Bristol Fungarium’s locally grown and comprehensively extracted Lions mane powder provides a perfect meeting of ingredients that are full of antioxidants, betaglucans and unique compounds that are beneficial for cognition, mood, focus and energy.

Each 72g bar contains 2000mg of 1:4 Lions Mane extract powder.

Bristol Fungarium strive to do things differently.

Prioritising organically grown native strains makes them one of the only mushroom companies in the world who know exactly where their mushrooms originate in the wild.

They do this by carefully foraging for interesting species, taking them back to their lab on the mushroom farm, and cloning them on plates of agar before fruiting them.

By prioritising strains that are native to the land we’re on, Bristol Fungarium are helping to avoid the spread of billions (and billions) of spores from commercial mushroom strains that have been selected specifically for their ability to grow fast and fruit heavily, and will easily outcompete a lot of the beautiful native fungi that can be found within close proximity of their farm.Interestingly, lab tests comparing the native lions mane with a commercial counterpart reveal the Somerset-native strain to contain upward of 30% additional betaglucan content, too! Lions mane contains hundreds of bioactive
compounds which have been clinically trialled for decades to decipher their ability to support:


Immune function

Digestive health

Cognition & Focus

Nerve Cell Regeneration


Fun Fact

In Japan, Lions mane is known as “Yamabushitake” meaning ‘those who live in the mountains’, so named after the Yamabushi – wandering ascetics from the Shugendō spritual tradition who were thought to use Lions mane to aid their meditation practice.



Cocoa Paste*, Coconut Sugar*, Cocoa Butter*, Lucuma Powder*,  1:4 Lions Mane Extract Powder*, Dried Lions Mane Fruiting Body*, Vanilla Powder*

*Organically Grown. Allergens in bold. May contain traces of nuts. Made in an environment containing nuts & gluten.

Net 72g

Nutritional Info

per 100g: Energy 1994kJ
(476kcal), Fat 38g of which: saturates 22g,
Carbohydrates 45g of which sugars 20g,
Protein 7g, Salt 0.03g

Disclaimer: Whilst every effort is made to declare allergens, we encourage customers to read the packaging carefully prior to use. If the product contains an allergen on the packaging that has not been declared on the website we will provide a full refund.

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