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Tropeaka Protein Boost 500g

  • £34.99



Boost Protein is your high-protein dose of sustained, healthy power! It's a certified organic blend of alkaline protein with boosted superfoods to support you throughout the day! It's the ideal choice for anyone looking for a boost before a workout, or simply when tiredness strikes! Boost's benefits include:

  • Healthy & powerful caffeine-free vitality buzz
  • Great tasting chocolate-caramel flavour
  • Helps to boost energy production
  • Helps in reducing tiredness and fatigue
  • High in protein for optimal pre-workout nutrition
  • 5 Star health rating (Australian Government initiative)
  • Full of branched chain amino acids (BCAAs)
  • Protein necessary for tissue building & repair
  • Antioxidants to protect from free-radical damage
  • Alkaline PH level for optimal health
  • Helps support healthy immune system function
  • Supports collagen production for the healthy growth of skin, teeth, gums, cartilage and bones
  • Wide-range of essential vitamins and minerals
  • Helps absorb iron for greater energy production
  • Quick and convenient to take for a busy lifestyle


    Pea Protein*, Maca Powder*, Raw Cacao Powder*, Coconut Palm Sugar*, Mesquite Powder*, Dutch Cocoa*, Natural Caramel Flavour, Stevia Leaf Extract, Acerola Powder*

    *Certified Organic

    Tropeaka uses a combination of certified organic and organically-grown ingredients in its products.

    Nutritional Info per 100g

    Serving Size: 25g
    Servings Per Pack: 500g/20 & 1kg/40

      PER SERVE PER 100g
    Energy 338KJ 1350KJ
    Protein 12.1g 48.4g
    Fat (Total) 1.8g 7.2g
    - Saturated 0.6g 2.5g
    Carbohydrates 8.2g 32.6g
    - Sugars 2.8g 11.4g
    Dietary Fibre 1.7g 6.7g
    Sodium 142mg 567mg
    Vitamin C 4mg 16mg

    Disclaimer: Whilst every effort is made to declare allergens, we encourage customers to read the packaging carefully prior to use. If the product contains an allergen on the packaging that has not been declared on the website we will provide a full refund.

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