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Well.Actually Neuro Night 5-HTP+ 9 Ingredients - 60 Caps

  • £20.99

Well.Actually. Neuro Night 5-HTP is a powerful blend of nine vitamins, minerals, and botanicals which has been expertly formulated by nutritionists to help mellow your mood and promote restful sleep. 

The advanced Neuro Night formula includes 5-HTP and cherries to boost melatonin naturally, which helps contribute to the body's natural sleep cycles and circadian rhythms. Magnesium supports deep, restorative sleep. B6, in its "active" and readily usable form (p5p), helps to support melatonin which contributes to the nervous system and psychological function. Zinc is associated with longer sleep patterns. Chamomile & Hops, together with stress and hormonal balancing Reishi mushroom & Schisandra extract, help promote calm, relaxation, and a soothing transition to a restful night's sleep. 

Vegan and vegetarian friendly, gluten, and soy free, non-GMO and is UK manufactured to high-quality BRC and GMP (Manufacturing) standards. Take with an evening meal - 60 x Capsules provides up to 60 days. 

• 9 Sleep & Calm Support Ingredients

• 5-HTP natural extract from Griffonia Simplicifonia seeds

• 60 Capsules

• Formulated by Nutritionists

• Vegan & Vegetarian friendly

• Made in the UK

• Manufactured to GMP / BRCGS Accreditation

Directions of use:

1 capsule after evening meal (on a full stomach). May take up to 2 capsules if required. Take with water or a cold drink, not to be chewed. Best results achieved after taking for 7 days.


Aquamin MG TG Magnesium, 5-HTP from Griffonia Seed extract, Schisandra Chinesis, Zinc Methionine, Montmorency Cherry extract, Chamomile extract, Hops extract, Rice extract blend, Brown rice flower (Gluten free), Reishi Mushroom extract, Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxal -5-Phosphate).

Disclaimer: Whilst every effort is made to declare allergens, we encourage customers to read the packaging carefully prior to use. If the product contains an allergen on the packaging that has not been declared on the website we will provide a full refund.

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